What is design consulting? Asking a designer for his/hers expert’s input. For example :

We are looking to renovate our premises (reception, waiting areas, 3 offices, a meeting room), 120sqm in total. We also need new suspended ceiling, with air condition, ventilation and recessed lighting and some bespoke furniture as well.

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Query: What color should we paint the walls in my son’s bedroom? I hereby attach a picture with the furniture we ordered (white-grey) and the carpet (blue-grey-white). Thanks a lot.

The concept is to work with the palette already provided: white, grey, blue. We opt for a sweet light grey as the main hue, since it is calm and helps the kid relax and focus on what he loves.

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Small focal points that bring out caracter might be blue decorative details, that could easily be changed if you get bored with them.

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Alternatively to a homogenous grey, we would paint a small wall a bold color (accent wall): dark grey or blue would both work well in the boy’s room. Another option might be a geometric pattern in grey color scheme.

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Important detail: If you are afraid of a certian color, do not rush to eliminate it from your options. Buy one liter and paint yourself a couple of areas on the wall. leave it for a day and see how it is during day time or night time. Then decide the final color codes. Color hues vary a lot according to rooms direct and indirect lighting, orientation and color of the objects around them.

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From our experience we siggest for the light grey : Vivechrom: D501G or Κ101D. Other option would be Vitex: 920-30YR or 965-30R (superb grey hue, looks good with both white and dark furniture around it) Dark grey: Vitex:950-70RB

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Blue hue Vivechrom: Q232Ν. We have drid it in a narrow wall behind of white boy’s desk and library. The wall get direct light only a couple of hours a day. The result is a unique room for a very special boy.


What could one ask from a designer at Designodom? Whatever he/she could ask from an architect or interior designer anyway. For example : We are expanding our cafe in the center of Athens and need a decorator’s opinion on the makeover.

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What could one ask from a designer at Designodom? Whatever he/she could ask from an architect or interior designer anyway. For example : I want to renovate a 70sqm flat I own.

The flat is at the 2nd floor of a multi storey block. I want to infuse personality, change flooring and woodwork (cabinets, closets). Layout and energy consumption could use improvement too.

Stylewise, I have already bought some key pieces which I intend to keep. They are mostly minimal in style, black and white. I like making smart use of space and living in a house oozing tranquility, balance and positive vibes! I am not sure if this renovation should be caried out all at once or in parts.

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What could one ask from a designer at Designodom? Whatever he/she could ask from an architect or interior designer anyway. For example : We own a vacation property on a small island in Cyclades, Greece and which we need to renovate partly.

In fact, we need to build a light dividing wall between a dining room, a hallway and a bedroom. We are thinking thta it might be out of wood, glass or both. In front of it a chest of drawers will be placed. I want something simple that will allow light in this inner room, because there will not be any windows. The ceiling is made out of wooden beams and planks. I guess the wall should not reach ceiling height. Anyway. The entry door to the room should be designed too.

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Designodom helped us to find a designer quickly and efficiently in order to proceed to the renovation of our company’s premises (Elderly care Unit) . We were provided with tailotr made solutions, simplifing the process and making it fun and creative. truly useful for small medium enterprises!

Evaluation is very important to Designodom community. It helps both platform and professionals improve their services and offers clients safety that the professional of their choice will deliver what is promised. Evaluate Designodom here.


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