304 XL Outdoor Seaside Outdoor wall light – Adjustable – Ø 32 cm Cone by DCW éditions Copper


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DCW éditions Outdoor wall light Copper Metal.
Dimensions: Base (wall base): Ø 14.3 cm – Arm: Depth 30.4 cm – Lampshade: Ø 32 x H 23 cm.
The Gras lamp: a 20th-century icon reissued in a version specially designed for outdoors! Made of 316 stainless steel, this wall light can withstand the harshest climates: from the mountains to the seaside.
A landmark at night, whether it’s raining, windy or snowing, the Gras Lamp No.
304 XL Outdoor is a timeless basic of outdoor lighting.
The Gras XL lamp was designed with ideal proportions for facades.
Elegant without being arrogant, neither too big nor too small compared to doors, windows or picture windows, the Gras XL OUTDOOR SEASIDE lamp remains discreet during the day, while at night its lighting creates a calm, warm atmosphere.
The GRAS Lamp is astonishing for its ergonomics and the simplicity of its mechanics – no screws or welding – which gives it amazing robustness.
A Bakelite ball inserted into the support forms a ball joint allowing the arm to move in all directions.
The lampshade is adjustable.
Adopted by Le Corbusier and Henri Matisse, the Gras lamp is a cult workshop lamp, sought after by collectors the world over.
Created in 1921, the Gras lamp was originally intended for industry and design offices.
Robust and stable, it offers efficient mobile lighting thanks to its high-precision mechanism.
The Gras lamp is a tool instrument, a real item.
Its perfectly functionalist look and strictly formal humility gives the impression of aesthetic neutrality.
Its timeless design is still relevant today.
Dimensions:Base (wall base): Ø 14.3 cm – Arm: Depth 30.4 cm – Lampshade: Ø 32 x H 23 cm