A Tempo Draining rack by A di Alessi Metal


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A di Alessi Draining rack Metal Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 36,5 cm x H 19 cm.
This family of projects stems from the desire to work with a very elementary material, metal wire.
Today’s wire industry is highly developed, even though it’s a material that is often put to industrial use rather than considered for domestic purposes.
The objects in the “A Tempo” family play in a crescendo of rhythm, movement, length and density.
Working the wire as if it were a graphic element allowed her to highlight its aesthetic qualities, creating an unusual, different language characterised by very special optical effects.
The packaging is very basic: a simple sheet of paper used to wrap each object, just like the very first items sold by Alessi.
“Pauline has done just that, creating a family of steel-wire objects that not only have a first-rate image, but are also capable of expressing a breath of fresh hope and newness.”Alberto Alessi.
WARNING : white round tray sold separately (price includes only metal rack).
Dimensions:Ø 36,5 cm x H 19 cm