A2 Memo board – L 42 x H 59 cm by Design Letters Grey


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Design Letters Perforated board Grey Plastic material.
Dimensions: A2 Format: H 59.4 x W 42 cm.
The Design Letters brand offers us a complete range of objects decorated with stylish lettering.
The cult-style font used was hand designed by the legendary Arne Jacobsen in 1937.
Using decorative lettering of all sizes indoors is a big trend at the moment! Bring your walls to life with custom messages… A vintage design for this memo board which is reminiscent of the perforated boards used in workshops to hang tools! It has a grid in ABS on which you can freely hang letters and figures so as to write messages (letters and figures not provided: Sold separately).
The letters and figures have pins which easily slide into the grid.
Fixed to the wall like a panting, you can create your own art deco! Write what you want: Your daily mood, a loving message, something quirky or funny, a quote, or a mantra.
You can even write your shipping list or meetings.
This memo board fits just as well in a child’s bedroom: Kids can practice writing and have fun with letters.
Please note, the letters and figures are not provided with the board.
You can purchase a set of letters & figures separately, in two sizes.
Dimensions:A2 Format: H 59.4 x W 42 cm