AA Butterfly Armchair – Leather Chromed structure by AA-New Design White


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AA-New Design Armchair White Leather.
Dimensions: H 91 cm x W 73 cm – Seat : H 45 cm x W 40 cm – Back : H 60 cm x W 43 cm.
“AA – NEW DESIGN offers the original model of the mythical AA Butterfly chair.
Whether used outdoors or in trendy interiors, the Butterfly chair continues to seduce all design lovers with purity and modernity of its design.
Created over 70 years ago, it is and will always remain timeless.
It offers a total comfort and provides an unparalleled sense of well-being and relaxation.
After having worked in Paris with Le Corbusier in the 30’ies , Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan, three young architects and designers, went back to Buenos Aires and formed the “”Grupo Austral””.
In 1938, they created the famous 197 model that became broadly known under the name of Butterfly or BKF chair.
” Warning: Not contractual image.
Each chair is made with a single genuine cow skin.
Color and location of the spots may vary slightly from one skin to an other.
Each model of armchair is unique.
Dimensions:H 91 cm x W 73 cm – Seat : H 45 cm x W 40 cm – Back : H 60 cm x W 43 cm