aBEAN CARE Wireless bluetooth earphones – Wireless – With wireless induction charging box by Kreafunk Grey


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Kreafunk Wireless bluetooth earphones Grey Plastic material.
Dimensions: 5 x 4 cm x 2.6 cm.
These wireless in-ear headphones let you enjoy all your favourite tracks with ultimate freedom.
Enjoy rich, full sound for hours and hours with aBEAN (battery life: 10 hours).
With their wireless charging box, aBEAN reinvents wireless headphones.
Recharge your headphones quickly and easily with the charging box that will get them back to 100% in no time.
The charging box features USB-C and is also equipped with Qi technology, allowing contact wireless charging.
Place the box on a Qi-compatible charging station and let it charge.
And if you don’t have a charging station nearby, you can use the USB-C port to charge it.
A built-in smart display shows the amount of battery life remaining in the box.
The headphones are easily connected to an iPhone, Android phone or computer through automatic connection (compatible with all Bluetooth devices).Intuitive touch controls operate with a single button, ensuring real ease of use.
The Care collection is part of an environmental approach.
The use of plastic has been reduced by 35% for each product.
It’s been replaced by wheat straw fibres made from renewable materials.
Dimensions:5 x 4 cm x 2.6 cm