Accrochée 3 Window box to hang – Batyline® Outdoor – 25 L by Bacsac Beige


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Bacsac Window box to hang Beige Textile.
Dimensions: L 90 x Depth 30 cm x H 40 cm.
Nature’s in the bag! The French brand, BacSac, offers a collection of fabric flower pots with an urban and casual look.
These, ultra light and portable flexible bags are a designer alternative to traditional pots that are too cumbersome and unaffordable.
This hanging planter hooks onto a balcony or the majority of guardrails, thanks to its two solid adjustable straps.
It can also be placed on the ground or slip onto a narrow windowsill: flowers or herbs, take over the city! This Accrochée window box is made from Batyline® cloth.
This water- and air-permeable fabric encourages the growth of plants: it limits evaporation, lets the soil breathe and protects the roots.
The technically-advanced double wall maintains the balance required between the air, soil and water.
Inside a combination of hydrophilic felts protects the roots, absorbs and spreads out the water.
BacSac therefore gets close to the conditions of a plant in open ground.
Extremely resistant, the Bacsac window box has nothing to fear from impacts or frost.
The fabric is resistant to wear and tear, UV rays and extreme temperatures (-30°C to 70°C).
This featherweight window box can be moved very easily, even when it is full.
The practical planter folds up in the blink of an eye to be stored anywhere and is machine washable.
On the top of the window box are two straps which mark out three growing areas.
The Bacsac flowerpots are available in a variety of sizes, in free-standing or hanging versions…
Something to create a real little piece of nature in the city as well as the country.
WHY DO PLANTS GROW BETTER IN A BACSAC THAN IN A TRADITIONAL POT? The complex BACSAC® textile allows the soil and the roots to breathe, therefore getting closer to the conditions of a plant in open ground.
This air circulation avoids overheating seen in traditional pots during heat waves, which is harmful for roots and soil micro-organisms.
It regulates the humidity by allowing excess water to drain and evaporate.
In a traditional pot, the roots grow in a spiral along the wall and create a root coil which, in the long term, causes the roots to be strangled and weakens the plant in winter in the event of frost.
In a BACSAC®, the root system is more dense and more balanced as when the root reaches the fabric wall, upon contact with the air, it stops and the plant grows new roots.
The roots will, as such, seek nutrients throughout the surface of the clump of soil, encouraging the plant to grow uniformly.
Dimensions:L 90 x Depth 30 cm x H 40 cm