Alpaga Bar – Dresser – L 140 x H 150 cm – Numbered limited edition by Ibride Green


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Ibride Dresser Green Textile.
Dimensions: L 140 x Depth 50 cm x H 150 cm – Drawer: L 42 x Depth 31 cm x H 6 cm – Fringes: H 115 cm – Height between shelves: H 37.3 cm / H 23 cm / H 21 cm.
Halfway between art and design, this incredible fringed piece of furniture is a limited edition of just 100 items.
Each copy comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer, Benoît Convers.
Half-animal, half-plant, the presence of this piece of furniture is disturbing …
Fringed on all sides, this mysterious piece of furniture seems to breathe under its long coat of silky fringes.
Such a precious gem, the viscose fringes are available in wonderful harmonies of colour.
They decorate the minimalist structure with elegance and lightness.
Alpaga offers an original tactile experience: it is surprising to stroke it and run your hands through it, slipping them inside to discover what this waterfall of wool, so silky and warm to the touch, hides within.
And its centre is the soul of the party: stemmed glasses, champagne flutes, shakers, carafes, spirits and liqueurs can be carefully placed inside.
The designer, Benoît Convers, explains: This piece of bar furniture is central, everything revolves around it like so many emotional ties to be woven.
It provokes discussion, ideas, dreams, laughter and tastings.’’ Alpaga’s primary vocation is to celebrate the moment to live, the moment to share.
Retro, glamour and crazy, Alpaga revisits the boudoir spirit and 30s style with great irony and modernity.
Refined and bohemian, this piece of furniture will find its place in either a classic or contemporary interior.
The stratified black structure is made up of three shelves divided into six sections by two side supports.
The shelves are completely open and accessible from all sides by spreading apart the fringes.
This piece of furniture can therefore be very easily placed in the middle of a room.
A central drawer is located under the middle shelf (the drawer only opens from one side).
The top part of this piece of furniture is equipped with a rail system to hang glasses from their stems.
This piece of furniture can serve as a bar as well as a storage unit.
Dimensions:L 140 x Depth 50 cm x H 150 cm – Drawer: L 42 x Depth 31 cm x H 6 cm – Fringes: H 115 cm – Height between shelves: H 37.3 cm / H 23 cm / H 21 cm