Anagram Table lamp – L 36.5 cm – Metal by Hay Black


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Hay Table lamp Black Metal.
Dimensions: L 36.5 x D 14 cm x H 32.5 cm.
Anagram evokes the famous banker’s lamp that is found in countless libraries around the world.
English designer Sam Weller is reinvented his archetype by giving it a modern silhouette.
Anagram presents a long, arched lampshade in glossy aluminium, available in elegant and timeless colourways.
The vintage shape of the lampshade is modernised by the modern style of the two satin-finish steel legs in their unusual shapes.
The cylindrical legs are doubled at their base.
The Anagram lamp has a silhouette inspired by a brutalist architectural site which proved popular in the United Kingdom: A combination of curves, metal grills and criss-crossing high backs, forming a balanced silhouette that seems familiar whilst evoking its own character, which is unique and somewhat quirky.
Dimensions:L 36.5 x D 14 cm x H 32.5 cm