Arrange n°2 Desk organizer – 3-piece stackable set by Muuto Multicoloured


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Muuto Desk organizer Multicoloured Plastic material.
Dimensions: Total size: 32 x 25 cm x H 10 cm.
The Swiss studio BIG-GAME offers an organiser that will put your desk in order with elegance! The Arrange set consists of 3 stackable items to take up minimal space: a letter tray (A4 format), a large tray and a box with a compartmentalised lid serving as a storage compartment for small items or pen tray.
The parts can be used separately or assembled as needed.
These parts are made from 100% recycled plastic made from post-consumer waste collected in Europe.
The cover is made of aluminium.
The modular Arrange collection brings elegant functionality to your desk, at home or in the workplace, thanks to its fun character and architectural expression.
The Big6game designers: “We wanted to create a flexible system that allowed us to organise things on a desk or shelf.
A central point of the design process was to make the design fun by encouraging the user to interact with it, using and reconfiguring the combination of tops, combined with an expression inspired by contemporary architecture.
With its 100% recycled plastic trays and cork or aluminium lids, the Arrange Desktop series brings an avant-garde perspective to modern storage.”
Dimensions:Total size: 32 x 25 cm x H 10 cm