Bell Side Supplement table – Ø 50 x H 54 cm by ClassiCon Green


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ClassiCon End table Green Glass.
Dimensions: Ø 50 x H 54 cm – Glass base: Ø 22 x H 38 cm.
An upside down world: Bell table collection by Sebastian Herkner plays with our perception.
The heavy glass leg looks like an upside down water bottle supporting a brass top.
Bell table makes an impression by its weight and by the quality of its handcrafted production.
Strictly respecting the tradition, the leg is blown using a traditional wooden mould.
Bell celebrates the beauty and purity of materials, their colours and surfaces by playing with bright reflections and by the fascinating fusion of materials.
This table comes in two versions: coffee table (Ø 75 x H 36 cm) or supplement table (Ø 50 x H 54 cm) and is available in amethyst purple, emerald green and topaz yellow.
Dimensions:Ø 50 x H 54 cm – Glass base: Ø 22 x H 38 cm