Big Bang Wall light – Ceiling light by Foscarini Red


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Foscarini Ceiling light Red Plastic material.
Dimensions: L max 79 x W max 66 cm – Depth 23 cm.
The apparently casual composition of the planes in space create a volume around the light source and determine the dynamic personality of Big Bang, designed by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez.
The strength of the concept, which is confirmed by the commercial and media success of the suspension lamp presented at Euroluce 2005, allows Foscarini to propose a range expanded with wall and ceiling models.
Big Bang thus offers coordination possibilities for several purposes and expands the range of potential uses of the model.In the ceiling and wall versions, overlapping planes – in white, red and gray metacrylate – create a dynamic composition around a central light nucleus from which they seem to shoot out in all directions Big band is a light source that strongly emphasizes the value of space underlining it with a play of light and shade.
Even by itself it is ideal for personalizing environments in different styles.
Rich symbolic values make it a visual sign and as such it can be used as a focal point or to outline an area by decorating walls and ceiling at the same time.
BB provides diffused and reflected wall lighting.
The layout of the light source allows maximum reflection while preventing glare, and at every angulation it offers a different light effect that underlines the plasticity of the model.
Dimensions:L max 79 x W max 66 cm – Depth 23 cm