Biny LED Droite Wall light – 1957 reissue – L 27 cm by DCW éditions White


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DCW éditions Wall light White Metal.
Dimensions: L 27 x H 9.6 x Depth.
Created by the modern designer and pioneer Jacques Biny in 1957, the Biny wall lamp is now being reissued to delight us all.
It displays an essential, minimalist and timeless design.
Efficiency, simplicity and a refusal to be ostentatious are the common denominators of the work of Jacques Biny.
With its integrated LED technology, the Biny wall light focuses on two types of lighting.
On the right, six fins offer wide, diffused lighting that’s adjustable through 50° using the wheel on the side.
On the left, a 100° swivel spotlight offers concentrated, focused lighting.
An ideal lamp for the bedroom : you can read in peace without dazzling your bedfellow ! Very practical, the push switch located on the underside of the lamp has 3 modes to turn on either or both lights at the same time.
This wall lamp can also charge all your digital devices thanks to its built-in USB port (located under the lamp).
The Biny wall lamp comes in reverse format, with the fins on the left and the reading spotlight on the right (available on our website).
A practical and indispensable option in a bedroom is to have a Biny wall lamp adapted for each side of the bed.
Dimensions:L 27 x H 9.6 x Depth