Cannelle Scented candle – Advent calendar – Set of 4 by Ferm Living Red


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Ferm Living Christmas calendar Red Glass.
Dimensions: Ø 5 x H 5.5 cm.
A festive scent which smells like the end-of-year celebrations! Nestled in their precious glass cases, these small scented candles give off a delicious scent of cinnamon for a convivial and warm atmosphere.
These candle holder advent calendars are a typically Danish Christmas tradition: they count down the weeks leading to Christmas.
Each of the small delicate glass candle holders is marked with a number for the four Sundays preceding Christmas eve.
A candle must therefore be lit each of the 4 Sundays preceding Christmas (burn time of a candle: approximately 9 hours).
It’s a friendly, festive ritual you can share with the family.
Often, it’s the job of the children to snuff out the candle before it burns down too much.
Once all the candles have burned down, the pretty glass containers can house small items.
Dimensions:Ø 5 x H 5.5 cm