Chalice 48 Pendant – Glass chalices – Ø 61 cm by Moooi Grey


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Moooi Pendant Grey Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 61 cm – Cable: L 400 cm.
The grandiose and quirky spirit of Moooi has done it again, with this incredible pendant (Ø 61 cm) Chalice consists of a metallic sphere housing a collection of delicately tinted glass chalices moulded with an elegant flowery pattern.
This collection of sparkling chalices giving off light in all directions provides the most spectacular grandiose and crystalline effect! Lodged in the central sphere, the LED light source allows its flux to escape via the chalice base.
Elegant in all areas, this pendant has a transparent cable and a metallic pebble-shaped ceiling rose.
An ode to light, but above all glass, its ultimate messenger.
Dimensions:Ø 61 cm – Cable: L 400 cm