Christian Ghion pour Gérald Passedat Table knife – Set of 6 by Forge de Laguiole Black


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Forge de Laguiole Table knife Black Wood.
Dimensions: Each knife : W 23,7 cm – Blade : W 11 cm.
Gérald Passédat, one of the finest 3 Michelin star chefs never misses an opportunity to upset convention : the name of his restaurant in Marseille called « Le Petit Nice » typifies it.
It is not surprising that he asked Forge de Laguiole, situated on the high plateau of the Aubrac mountains, to design his first fish knife…
naturally ! Christian Ghion created a knife linking the image of a fish for the blade combined with one of a boat for the shape of the handle.
But the goal was not only to create an aesthetic but also a functional knife which could be adapted to cut fish as well as meat.
This knife is racy and elegant.
The height of the blade is 5mm higher than the normal ones to make it a fish slice also.
The total length is 24.0 cm making it longer than normal for easy handling.
Finally at the back of the blade there is a small hole that reminiscent of a fish eye.
Dimensions:Each knife : W 23,7 cm – Blade : W 11 cm