Doo-Wop Pendant by Louis Poulsen Grey


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Louis Poulsen Pendant Grey Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 28,3 cm x H 24,5 cm – Cable : L 300 cm.
Louis Poulsen, the Danish editor iconic fixtures had the good idea to reintroduce the collection in its famous suspension Doo-Wop””” called the suspension of the Navy”.
Established in 1952, Doo-Wop was born from the collaboration between the department of buildings in the Danish Navy and Louis Poulsen.
The goal was to create a simple suspension, solid and perfect lighting qualities.
Used for many years in the Danish Navy vessels, Doo-Wop disappeared catalogs Louis Poulsen in the early 80s.
The original models reaching record prices at auctions, Louis Poulsen has decided to reintroduce the famous suspension in his collection of luminaires.
Made of aluminum, DOO-WOP suspension is equipped with two reflectors.
The conical reflector inside white lighting provides functional down and glare.
The outer reflector distributes light up and down smoothly and diffuse.
Always handcrafted, the Doo-wop suspension has a vintage look trendy.
She embodies the Scandinavian simplicity.
Dimensions:Ø 28,3 cm x H 24,5 cm – Cable : L 300 cm