Dot – Steelcut Trio Cushion – 60 x 45 cm by Hay Yellow


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Hay Cushion Yellow Textile.
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm.
Hay textiles collection is characterized by high-quality fabrics with fresh new motifs and attractive colours.
The envelope of the Dot Steelcut Trio cushion is composed of pure new wool (90%) with 10% nylon.
The special ‘Steelcut Trio’weave is designed by Frans Dijkmeijer and Giulio Ridolfo : three different colours (1bright, 1 heavier shades and 1 light pastel) are weaved to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the textile, and to make the colours seem to change depending on the angle of perspective.
Dot Steelcut Trio is a cushion with buttons of contrasting colours on each side …
Harmonious colours, authenticity of the material, we are seduced by Dot Steelcut Trio ! SOLD PER UNIT.
Dimensions:60 x 45 cm