Enfold High dresser – Acier & chêne naturel by Muuto Grey


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Muuto High dresser Grey Metal.
Dimensions: L 94.5 x Depth 45 x H 84 cm.
A successful mix of styles and materials! This low Enfold dresser has a design that combines classic and modern characteristics.
The base and the top part of the furniture are made from solid oak, with soft and warm lines that are traditionally found in Scandinavian design.
The choice of this material references the wooden dressers of the 20th century, contrasting wonderfully with the modern painted steel structure.
The doors have pretty ridges on the metal, highlighting the industrial and elegant aspect of the dresser.
This simple and refined piece also enables you to better organise your storage: the two sliding doors hide two shelves that you can adjust on five different levels, depending on what you want to place in the dresser.
It is ideal in the living area, a dining room and in an office.
Dimensions:L 94.5 x Depth 45 x H 84 cm