Epic Coffee table – Travertine – Ø 60 cm by Gubi Red


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Gubi Coffee table Red Stone.
Dimensions: Ø 60 x H 42 cm.
Sophisticated and natural… The Epic coffee table is a sculptural piece of furniture, inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture.
This table is made in Italy from travertine stone, a limestone very popular during Antiquity.
The monolithic shape emphasises the materiality of the stone, the natural beauty of its veins and the vibrant texture of its unique patina – in which new detail can be discovered with every glance.
Raw but sensual, mineral without being cold, this sedimentary rock reveals its multiple identities, its nuances and asperities with singularity.
Inspired by historic travertine constructions, such as the Colosseum and St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Epic coffee table combines two simple geometric shapes, the circle and the hexagon, with references to the classic Greek column.
The Epic table is available in different colours, diameters and heights.
It can be used alone or combined in a dynamic group.
The different shades of stone (neutral white, vibrant grey or burnt red) each create a focal point of different intensity, bringing personality to modern and classic interiors alike.
Dimensions:Ø 60 x H 42 cm