Flindt Wall light – LED – Ø 20 cm by Louis Poulsen White


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Louis Poulsen Wall light White Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 20 x Depth 6 cm.
A floating eclipse…
This is the illusion that this Flindt wall light gives, with its two thin ovals placed on top of each other and an extension on the top granting lightness and softness.
This light is a real technological masterpiece: the proportions, the curves and the light have been designed to form an ideal and harmonious whole.
Flindt has multi-directional lighting capable of lighting any space perfectly with no glare.
It has an LED source placed ideally on the top of the light in order to produce both optimal direct and indirect lighting.
Part of the light is directed upwards thanks to an upper opening, and the other part is diffused behind, while the final part creates a subtle and brilliant ring of well conceived light.
This wall light can be placed where you want, on its own or with others one after the other, inside and outdoors.
It is ideal on paths, to light up the walls of a building, a park or a track, and is equally ideal in an entrance hall, on a stairwell or even a corridor.
With its delicate and elliptical design, its ethereal look creating a welcoming atmosphere and its different natural colours (white, aluminium or weathering steel), Flindt blends into any environment.
Dimensions:Ø 20 x Depth 6 cm