Flower Power Large Vase cover – H 35 cm – Felt by Sancal White


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Sancal Vase cover White Textile.
Dimensions: L 42 x H 35 cm – Suitable for 1.5 L bottles.
This cover lets you transform a simple plastic bottle or basic jam jar into an arty, offbeat vase.
You can also use it to make-over an old vase you no longer like.
This felt cover simply fits around the container.
The thick, semi-rigid felt gives Flower Power a degree of rigidity that ensures a perfect fit.
Flower Power covers are decorated with eccentric motifs, giving a fun, simple feel.
The result is deliberately daring and eye-catching.
A great way to bring an offbeat rock style to your decor! This Large cover is suitable for small bottles of 1.5 L capacity.
Simply cut the plastic bottle to the right height (using a cutter or scissors) and slip the cover over the bottle.
Dimensions:L 42 x H 35 cm – Suitable for 1.5 L bottles