Geotextile Flowerpot – 100 L – Outdoor by Bacsac Brown


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Bacsac Flowerpot Brown Textile.
Dimensions: Ø 50 x H 50 cm – 100 litres.
Nature in a bag! BacSac is a collection of geotextile flowerpots in urban and laid-back look.
These supple, ultra lightweight, mobile containers represent an alternative to traditional heavy and expensive planters.
This pot (Ø 50 x H 50 cm, 100 litres) is made of 100% recyclable geotextile that allows for good water and air circulation and thus supports plant growth, because it limits evaporation, lets the ground breath and protects the roots.
BacSac provides almost the same conditions as those you have when planting outside.
BacSac is also shockproof and frost resistant.
You can move this lightweight bag very easily even if it is full.
Your garden will become a “mobile garden”: you can move flower beds or vegetable patches as you like and along the seasons! Very useful: you can fold up this bag in a sec and keep it anywhere! BacSac flowerpots are available in an array of different sizes and versions for creating real garden areas in cities or countryside, on balconies, in gardens or kitchens.
BacSac, green or with organic vegetables, is a garden you can grow everything you like – flowers, culinary herbs, vegetables…
Dimensions:Ø 50 x H 50 cm – 100 litres