Graceful Rock Garden hose by Garden Glory Grey


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Garden Glory Garden hose Grey Plastic material.
Dimensions: 20 meters long.
Garden hoses are not the most glamorous items in the world, but they are eye-catchers, usually placed right in the spotlight.
Garden Glory wanted to change the idea of bland and dreary garden products and became the first company to offer stylish and functional hoses, nozzles and wallmounts in colours ranging from black to hot pink.
Let your gardenhose be an exclusive detail on your house instead of hiding it away! Our hoses are made in Scandinavia of the highest quality.
This is due to its knitting reinforcement that makes the hose flexible.
The plastic is dirt repellent and UV-protected.
Our hoses are also free from lead and cadmium which means that the water is drinkable.
The lenght is 20 meters and you can easy connect two hoses to make it longer.
All hoses, nozzles and wall mounts can be combined free at will.
Dimensions:20 meters long