Inku Salad bowl – Ø 32 x H 5 cm by Serax White


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Serax Salad bowl White Ceramic.
Dimensions: Ø 32 x H 5 cm.
Over the course of his culinary travels to Japan, the great Michelin-starred Dutch chef, Sergio Herman, fell under the spell of the wonderful clean table services which are made there.
With the Inku collection, he wanted to translate this Japanese simplicity while adding a twist of glamour to it.
The Inku stoneware crockery collection is sophisticated and almost feminine.
Explicitly referring to nature, the slightly wavy shapes and the subtle striped patterns evoke shells and flowers.
“Not only does the Inku service let you prettily decorate the plate, but also adorn whole tables with ceramic flowers.
” explains Sergio Herman, who will use the service in his brand new brasserie, Le Pristine, in Anvers.
The unique thing about Inku plates is that no two are completely identical.
The fine layer of enamel creates small imperfections, in line with the concept of wabi-sabi that Sergio Herman was going for with this project.
Inku embodies authenticity and warmth with its organic lines, material and natural colours.
The elegance of the glazed stoneware and the subtle nature of the shapes create a magic experience which inspires the table and invites the guests into a dream.
Dimensions:Ø 32 x H 5 cm