Kaeko Coffee table by Objekto Transparent


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Objekto Coffee table Transparent Metal.
Dimensions: H 33 cm – Ø 110 cm.
This low table, very beautiful and very pure, was conceived by the Brazilian creator Rafic Farah.
His originality lies in the concept sinusoïdal of his structure.
The beauty of its lines and the transparency games confer to the body simplicity lightness and elegance.
Besides, the supports to the ground and on the tray being shifted in the space, this table has a perfect stability.
The structure is constituted of a carbon bar folded.
The tray is in soaked glass 10 mm.
Rafic Farah directs his own workshop Sao Paulo Creation, this is a touch on all (artistic director, graphiste, photographer, scriptwriter, designer,…) that represents the Brazil in all his variety.
This table was created for the internal installation of the office of his girlfriend, the doctor Kaeco, a Japanese hybrid one.
The graphic structure is can be the reflection of his artificial appearance and refined: a Chinese ink on rice paper.
A perfect, simple and sophisticated illustration at once.
Dimensions:H 33 cm – Ø 110 cm