La festa delle Farfalle Pendant – LED – Ø 60 x H 110 cm by Ingo Maurer White


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Ingo Maurer Pendant White Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 60 x H 110 cm – Cable: L 300 cm max..
Butterflies and dragonflies indulge in a dance of shadow and light …
A true light artist, the brilliant Ingo Maurer continues to invite us to dream with his enchanted, poetic lights.
Fleeting and light, this pendant with its masterful dimensions is a true light sculpture.
A hymn to nature, La festa delle Farfalle is like a tree around which butterflies and dragonflies suspend their flight.
The La festa delle Farfalle pendant consists of 34 white paper butterflies perched on the many branches of a white lacquered metal tree.
Forming an airy volume, they seem to fly above our heads! At the bottom of the pendant, three bulbs lie like pears on a porcelain plate on which a green dragonfly has alighted.
The three bulbs are merely decorative and serve no functional purpose.
The LED light sources are built into the porcelain plate which serves as a diffuser: they radiate up and down.
This exceptional lightweight light spreads its poetry throughout your home.
It will cause a sensation: your guests will be surprised to discover a flight of butterflies in the middle of your living room or bedroom …
A true source of inspiration for the imagination, this pendant is customisable: the butterflies can be placed where you wish on the structure (using the metal clips provided).
You can also purchase separately a kit consisting of 34 extra black butterflies and one more red dragonfly.
Dimensions:Ø 60 x H 110 cm – Cable: L 300 cm max.