Large Speaker – L 42 x H 33 cm – Tempered glass by Transparent Speaker Black


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Transparent Speaker Speaker Black Glass.
Dimensions: L 42 cm x H 33 cm x Depth 10.6 cm.
The transparency of top-of-the-range sound….
This transparent tempered glass speaker has an absolutely incredible neo-futurist look.
The designers from the Sweedish studio People People wanted to create a speaker combining a high-quality sound with a timeless design, capable of adapting to different interiors and lifestyles.
The Transparent Speaker is not only a wonderful object but also a speaker with remarkable acoustic qualities.
It offers enough external connector options so it does not quickly become obsolete.
The Transparent Speaker consists of an airtight glass cabinet in which three loudspeakers sit as though suspended in space: two 76 mm diameter full-range ones and a dedicated 165 mm diameter speaker dedicated to bass.
The sealed enclosure of the speaker guarantees precise and quick bass sounds, as well as a very good frequency response linearity.
The three loudspeakers are powered by an 80 watt amplifier module and benefit from audio processing via DSP.
The control panel on the front brings together the volume control as well as the bass and treble adjustment potentiometers.
The Transparent Speaker has two mini-jack audio inputs (one on the back and one on the front) which can be connected to a portable music player, a smartphone or a laptop.
The USB port can power a Bluetooth or WiFi audio receiver to play music wirelessly from a compatible device (smartphone, tablet, computer).
The Transparent Speaker can also be combined with an Apple Airport Express base station, an especially dedicated niche due to it being housed on the back of the speaker.
It can, as such, be used with Apple AirPlay protocol to play music wirelessly compression-free, whether it is from a computer with iTunes, an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad which natively integrate this technology or from an Android smartphone or tablet using a compatible AirPlay app like doubleTwist Player.
The Transparent Speaker Small can be attached to the wall via the included wall bracket.
Initially confidential, the Transparent Speaker project was presented on a crowdfunding website in order to raise funds to launch possible manufacture.
It was a complete success.
The designer team, supported by audio technicians could therefore get to work…
Dimensions:L 42 cm x H 33 cm x Depth 10.6 cm