Largstick Shelf – Lacquered sheet metal – 59 x 28 cm by Presse citron Green


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Presse citron Shelf Green Metal.
Dimensions: W 59 cm x H 28 cm x D 8,5 cm.
Stick is an ingenious colorful shelving system with great personality! Stick is available in 5 sizes and 5 colors that can be coordinated to compose your own combinations of storage.
Entirely made of folded lacquered steel, each element is independent and can be set easily.
Every module figures an original framework that will showcase perfectly its content.
The variations of size, color and depth (8.5 or 13.5 cm) of the various modules can achieve incredible murals, from the most minimal to the most masterful…
To store books or mentor what you like, Stick dress your walls with cheerfulness, originality and functionality.
Dimensions:W 59 cm x H 28 cm x D 8,5 cm