Layer Cushion – Hand-knitted baby llama wool – 60 x 40 cm by Muuto Grey


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Muuto Cushion Grey Textile.
Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm.
This cushion is made from baby llama wool, hand-knitted in Bolivia.
The knitted texture grants it softness and sophistication.
The cushion has a wide tighter-knitted strip across it which gives it a graphical and contemporary dimension.
The Layer cushion combines ethics and aesthetics! This cushion is from Aiayu: this Danish knit brand combines beauty, comfort and ecology.
The high-quality baby llama wool comes from Bolivia.
It is worked on by forty local craftspeople in the areas it is collected as part of an eco-responsible approach.
The wool is removed, sorted and knitted by hand in Bolivia.
The workshops in which these products are made are WRAP certified.
This programme monitors and certifies compliance with standards independently for manufacturing under legal, human and ethical conditions.
These workshops also clean 100% of their water in post production by reusing 75% of it.
Baby llama wool is among the most sturdy, naturally stretchable fibres that holds its shape (4 times more resistant than sheep’s wool).
It is also extremely silky, soft, waterproof and hypoallergenic.It has exceptional insulating properties.
The microscopic air pockets in the fibre act like a real thermal regulator! These pockets allow the fibre to breathe on warm days and trap body heat in cold weather.
So it keeps you nice and warm while stopping you getting too hot.
Suitable for all temperatures and all weathers, baby llama wool is appropriate whatever the season.
The baby llama category does not describe the age of the animal that the wool is taken from, rather it is the category of the fibre’s fineness: the high-quality wool comes from an adult animal with a very fine fleece (and so very soft).
Dimensions:60 x 40 cm