LC Shutters Pendant by Louis Poulsen White


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Louis Poulsen Pendant White Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 44 cm x H 30,1 cm – Cable : L max.
300 cm.
After a remarkable work on the subject, the suspension has a surprisingly expressive.
The surface of the shade is subtly perforated: perforations allow the discrete set of exceptional light and shadow, projected on the walls and ceiling of soft shadows.
Fragmented Light seeps through the multiple openings surrounding the shade of a soft halo lighting and decorative highlights the reliefs of its surface.
The shade was obtained from an aluminum sheet cut and deferred.
An innovative tool has been specially developed to make cuts to the nearest millimeter along a curved surface.
With its delicate and refined woven effect, the lampshade has a strong connotation although traditional achieved with an industrial process.
Suspension” LC” Shutters emits a direct light and glare (the light being filtered by a disc-opal diffuser).
Dimensions:Ø 44 cm x H 30,1 cm – Cable : L max.
300 cm