Lederam W Wall light – LED Ø 17 cm by Catellani & Smith Gold


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Catellani & Smith Wall light Gold Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 17 cm – Rod: 9 cm – Base: Ø 7 x D 2.5 cm.
Handworked Precious materials, outstanding light effects and trendy LED technology – this haute couture lamp inspired by lunar eclipse will be spectacular whether switched on or off! Lederam W wall light features two copper discs joined by an articulated rod.
Whereas the first disc is fixed on a wall, the other disc in front is movable.
By changing the position of this disk, you can control the light intensity and create different effects – exactly like during an eclipse! Lederam W wall light is innovative and graphic, allowing you to interact with the light.
It is an object that makes strong presence with its geometric layout, but also an object that is hidden behind the effect it produces.
These two aluminium discs are entirely covered with copper sheets by hand.
Such handicraft work gives life to a beautiful, irregular texture and interesting light reflections.
This wall light produces indirect golden, soft, pleasant light.
Catellani & Smith’s products are hand-made to a great extent.
These lamps are hand-made by different artists.
Each piece is strictly checked – quality guaranteed.
Tiny imperfections are not a fault but a characteristic of manual work.
Please note: This wall light is compatible with dimmer types Relco LT1 UN (max 100W) or Tecnel TE7636M (max 100W) only.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Dimensions:Ø 17 cm – Rod: 9 cm – Base: Ø 7 x D 2.5 cm