Les précieuses Sapho Tray by Ibride Multicoloured


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Ibride Frame Multicoloured Plastic material.
Dimensions: L 59 x W 42 cm.
This collection of trays revisits in an offbeat and humorous way the portraits of ancestors, painted in the great classical tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Sapho and Arthénice have a haughty bearing and immaculate skin naturally tattooed with some aristocratic beauty spots.
Sapho and Arthénice pay homage to two exceptional women: Madeleine de Scudéry and Madame de Rambouillet.
In their Parisian literary salons of the 17th century – the first to deal with diversity – they debated affectation, in the refinement of taste of manners and language.
They led the way, making their mark as leaders of the Noblewomen and imposed themselves as intellectuals determined to enjoy freedom equal to their male counterparts.
Behind their solemn demeanour are two sensitive souls, enamoured with poetry with an immoderate thirst for romance.
Sapho and Arthénice are great trays to use for service or to display on a wall like a painting, a mythical painting.
Dimensions:L 59 x W 42 cm