Libellule Large Pendant – Ø 100 x H 40 cm by Forestier Beige


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Forestier Pendant Beige Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 100 x H 40 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 10.5 cm – Cable: L 190 cm max..
Delicacy, grace and lightness perfectly characterise this shaped wire XXL pendant.
This large open, openwork structure is extremely sylphlike.
The two cupolas with their undulating contours majestically fill the space, like a dragonfly spreading its great wings in the air.
This pendant with its generous dimensions brings lots of personality to large spaces! The light filters through the multitude of metal wires, producing a beautiful show of light that plays with light and shadow.
The young French designer Elise Fouin says about the Libelulle (Dragonfly) pendant: “When I was a child, I used to swim in the Saone.
Between two fishing parties in the rocks, butterflies and dragonflies would come flying through the reeds.
Later, I discovered at Forestier the finesse of shaping iron wire and the full graphic potential available with this technique.
An effect close to the architecture of the wings of these light creatures …
What we could call with hindsight the butterfly effect!
Dimensions:Ø 100 x H 40 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 10.5 cm – Cable: L 190 cm max.