Light Shade Shade Pendant – Ø 95 cm by Moooi Silver


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Moooi Chandelier Silver Metal.
Dimensions: H 75 cm – Ø 95 cm.
New version, again more imposing, famous suspension Light Shade Shade of Jurgen Bey.
This one combines with audacity two elements to the aesthetic one have incompatible priori: a cylinder in film mirror semi transparent and a luster candlestick to 18 branches, in gilded metal and glass.
Collusion between this lampshade minimaliste and this classical luster is born a surprise and delicate harmony.
When the light is extinguished, you contemplate a modern and fanciful lampshade that reflects his environment.
Once lit, the luster shines in transparency and becomes the major actor of the scene.
Light Shade Shade is part of the collection Moooi Weer this that means in Dutch ” beautiful again”, a sort again memory of the passed.
One loves the exceptional volumes of this new version: diam 95 x h 75 cm.
Dimensions:H 75 cm – Ø 95 cm