L’Oiseau Vase – L 30 cm – Ceramic by Tsé-Tsé Black


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Tsé-Tsé Vase Black Ceramic.
Dimensions: L 30 x W 18 x H 17 cm.
Born without feathers, ”L’Oiseau” (Bird) is a sandstone vase subtly dotted with colours.
Flowers and herbs are his plumage.
This changing animal is transformed by these bouquets.
According to the seasons and your inspiration, this transformer can become a hummingbird or bird of paradise – whatever you choose.
In spring, L’Oiseau becomes a tulip tree: by placing bulbs in his rounded belly, you will see flowers grow from the holes in his back.
This vase is handcrafted in France.
The choice of noble materials, craftsmanship, quality and lifespan of the items are what matter most to Tsé-Tsé.
As a result, lamps, items of crockery or furniture are made in short series, sometimes individually and rarely more than 1000 pieces per year.
No single piece looks exactly like another, these differences being a sign of the originality of Tsé & Tsé products.
Dimensions:L 30 x W 18 x H 17 cm