Lumi Set – Raclette cheese by candlelight – 2 people by Cookut Black


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Cookut Set Black Metal.
Dimensions: Caquelons: Ø 9.5 cm x H 5.5 cm.
Lumi is a practical and ecological kit that is revolutionising the raclette cheese experience! Forget the cumbersome machine in the middle of the table, its electric cable and how unlucky you feel when sitting in the wrong place…
Forget those overheated, smoky rooms at the end of the meal.
The Lumi raclette cheese set, which works using tealights, is just as efficient as an electric appliance: the cheese melts in just 3 minutes (the same cooking time as with an electric appliance).
This kit consists of two individual metal caquelons with a wooden base in which you can place two standard tealights.
Position the small dishes above the caquelons to warm the cheese.
Each person has their own individual kit, their own source of heat within arm’s reach.
You can stop when you want, regardless of what other people are doing.
And because Lumi requires no electricity, it is portable, ideal for enjoying a raclette cheese supper when camping, on a picnic or in front of the telly! The kit includes: 2 caquelons, 2 small cheese dishes, 2 wooden spatulas.
Dimensions:Caquelons: Ø 9.5 cm x H 5.5 cm