Luzy Take Five Pendant – LED – 5 bulbs by Ingo Maurer Blue


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Ingo Maurer Pendant Blue Plastic material.
Dimensions: Total size (glove + bulbs): L 54 x H 34 cm – Cable: L 250 cm max..
When contemporary art becomes light …
German artist Ingo Maurer, a German pioneer of designer lighting, hasn’t lost his sense of humour! He’s unveiled a new work of art: Luzy Take Five (2018), a surrealist, provocative, funny yet absurd pendant that underlines Maurer’s enduring enthusiasm for risk-taking.
This pendant consists of a blue rubber household glove, with bulbs at the ends of the fingers! The glove is made of a high-strength flexible plastic.
It is hand-painted in a deep Klein blue.
There are semi-rigid cables inside the glove which can be folded to give the hand its shape.
The LED bulbs (supplied) are replaceable (spare bulbs sold on the website).
The frosted glass finish provides glare-free lighting.
This light sculpture expresses an avant-garde language, strongly expressive and rich in symbols.
The Luzy Take Five pendant refers to Pop Art and is part of the ready-made approach initiated by Marcel Duchamp: to reconsider the function of a common, ordinary object to create another that becomes a creative piece.
The household glove is one of the most popular items in the world…
This is a reference to other popular icons of Pop Art: Campbell’s soup cans, Dollars signs, Coca-Cola…
This ultra-realistic household glove-shaped lamp is part of the approach taken by Andy Warhol: a positive representation of something we see every day, something everyone can recognise.
Objects are portrayed in their simplest and most recognisable form.
Once transposed onto a canvas or another medium, even the most common trappings of our modern civilisation, like a simple household glove, can become works of art.
Luzy Take Five is a striking image, a mixture of disturbing normality and troubling ambiguity, faced with which surprise mixes with visual pleasure.
Its unfamiliar, quirky, zany look will create a sensation in any room in the house: living room, kitchen, bedroom, entrance…
Ingo Maurer lights form part of the design collections of the greatest museums (MoMA1, SFMOMA2) and are exhibited worldwide (at the Vitra Design Museum, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art…).
Luzy Take Five is part of the legacy of these iconic creations, elevated to the rank of work of art: the Bulb lamp (1966) – shaped like a glass bulb which formed part of the MoMA’s permanent collection in 1969 – the Comic Explosion (2010) and Canned Light (2003) lamps – both referring to Pop Art and seemingly inspired respectively by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol – or the famous Lucellino lamp (1992) which seems to have come straight out of a surrealist painting.
Ingo Maurer has been greatly rewarded by the design community, receiving a Compasso d’Oro in 2011, the Federal Republic of Germany’s Design Award in 2010, and an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Arts in London in 2006.
Even after a career spanning 50 years, his work is still motivated by a corrosive sense of humour, an insatiable curiosity, and a taste for experimentation and fun.
Dimensions:Total size (glove + bulbs): L 54 x H 34 cm – Cable: L 250 cm max.