Macchina della Luce F Pendant – LED – Ø 120 x H 145 cm – 4 disks by Catellani & Smith Gold


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Catellani & Smith Pendant Gold Metal.
Dimensions: Discs: Ø 120-80-50-30 cm – Rods: H 145 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 21 x H 10.5 cm.
Precious and refined, this pendant with its spectacular dimensions dresses up your home with its sculptural presence.
The Macchina della Luce pendant reproduces the warm, golden light of the sun, of fire …
It is the result of a remarkable piece of craftsmanship in the material.
It consists of several superimposed aluminium disks completely covered with hand-applied gold leaf.
This meticulous work brings to life a beautiful irregular texture that plays with reflections and light.
The LED light sources are located above the disks.
The light emitted is directed upwards and then reflected on the upper disk.
The rough material produces excellent light diffusion.
The light with its golden highlights is vibrant, lively, warm and soothing.
The disks are mounted on three long nickel-plated metal rods (H 145 cm).
Catellani & Smith’s production output is mainly artisanal.
These lamps are hand-made by different craftsmen.
Each lamp is subjected to rigorous control which ensures its quality.
Small imperfections are not a defect but rather a feature of manual work.
Dimensions:Discs: Ø 120-80-50-30 cm – Rods: H 145 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 21 x H 10.5 cm