Maine – 6 Drawer Wide Chest – Dove Grey Wooden


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The Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest is one of our most popular and favourite choices of bedroom furniture, purely down to its sheer size and solidity.
If you can’t fit all or most of your accessories and small items of clothing into this piece of furniture, then you have way too much stuff! The amount of storage available to you is unbelievable, with six reasonably sized drawer spaces to fill with whatever you please.
So if storage is an issue within your home, this is definitely the right choice for you!.
This unit allows you to free up room elsewhere in your home, which can be a blessing if you live in a house with very little storage room elsewhere.
It will also enable you to properly organise and tidy your things, making them easier to find when they are needed.
Each drawer features two pewter style handles, creating a balanced and symmetrical image throughout..
Solid and Sturdy Structure.
A piece of furniture this size must be made from a solid and dependable material in order for it to stand the test of time.
MDF material has been used in this furniture’s construction, enabling it to guarantee these long-lasting qualities.
For this reason, you can also use this bedroom furniture as a dressing table and somewhere to place all of your cosmetic products..
Not only does the Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest possess strong and sturdy qualities, it also looks incredibly beautiful too.
This is emphasised perfectly by chamfered cabinetry and detailed side panelling, creating an image that takes influence form traditional furniture design with a sophisticated twist.
The product is part of the Maine Dove Grey Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection.