Map 1 LED Wall light by DCW éditions Gold


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DCW éditions Wall light Gold Metal.
Dimensions: L 17 x H 33 cm x Depth 7 cm.
A real light sculpture, this wall light is from Éric de Dormael.
The French sculptor designs and makes unique works with architectural forms in metal, papier-mâché and resin.
He adds light sources into his sculptures in order to turn them into decorative items.
Drawing occupies a crucial place in his work and is at the origin of each creation.
Each idea is firstly worked on in pencil.
The MAP1 wall light has an unstructured assembly of brushed brass geometric forms.
The asymmetric, graphical and contemporary lines provide it with an incredible dynamism.
This wall light provides a sculptural and poetic lighting.
The space is enhanced by subtle interplays of shapes, shadows and light.
The gaps allow light beams to escape which give rise to a fascinating interplay of light highlighting the forms and revealing shapes.
This lighting is diffuse, pleasant and there is no glare.
Whether on or off, the visual impact of the MAP 1 wall light is very strong! This three-dimensional painting changes and transforms depending on the viewing angle, evoking a unique and always different emotion.
This light creates images, impressions and light sensations.
Dimensions:L 17 x H 33 cm x Depth 7 cm