Map 2 LED Wall light by DCW éditions Gold


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DCW éditions Wall light Gold Metal.
Dimensions: L 18.5 x H 39 cm x D 9.5 cm.
A real light sculpture, this wall light is from Éric de Dormael.
The French sculptor designs and makes unique works with architectural forms in metal, papier-mâché and resin.
He adds light sources into his sculptures in order to turn them into decorative items.
Drawing occupies a crucial place in his work and is at the origin of each creation.
Each idea is firstly worked on in pencil.
The MAP 2 wall light has an unstructured assembly of geometric forms.
This apparently irregular composition of black steel panels and brushed brass interlacing forms a light and airy geometric shape around the LED sources.
This wall light provides a sculptural and poetic lighting.
The wall space is enhanced by subtle interplays of shapes, colours, shadows and light.
The panels serve as light reflectors and offer a diffuse and reflected lighting.
The placement of the light sources allows for maximum reflection while stopping the light from being glaring.
The visual impact is very strong: MAP 2 creates a dynamic and maverick world.
This three-dimensional painting changes and transforms depending on the viewing angle, evoking a unique and always different emotion.
This light creates images, impressions and light sensations.
Dimensions:L 18.5 x H 39 cm x D 9.5 cm