Mayozen Shaker – For homemade mayonnaise by Cookut Transparent


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Cookut Shaker Transparent Glass.
Dimensions: 12 cm x 10 cm x H 18 cm.
“With Mayozen, you no longer need a robot to make a delicious homemade mayonnaise.
No matter the temperature of the ingredients, thanks to this simple but revolutionary system, the mayonnaise becomes inatable! Mayozen consists of a glass jar and “”mayo turbo””, the accessory that will emulsify the ingredients! To prepare a mayonnaise with Mayozen, it’s very simple: put an egg yolk, a tablespoon of mustard, oil and add the “”mayo turbo”” inside the jar.
Shake for a few seconds, then add oil again.
Simply repeat the operation until the desired amount is obtained.”
Dimensions:12 cm x 10 cm x H 18 cm