Mingle Large Pair of trestles – L 68 cm by Ferm Living Black


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Ferm Living Pair of trestles Black Metal.
Dimensions: L 68 x W 37 cm x H 71 cm.
The Mingle collection lets you create a table or a desk with an elegant and modern style.
This collection includes trestles (available in 2 sizes) to combine with lacquered oak or linoleum tops, sold separately.
The Mingle SMALL (L 48 cm) trestles are suitable for the 135 x 65 cm tops.
The Mingle LARGE trestles (L 68 cm) are suitable for 160 x 90 cm tops.
Sculptural lines for these Mingle Large trestles made in lacquered metal.
They take the shape of a traditional easel.
We love the clean and essential shapes and the simple and graphical design of this tripod table leg.
Furthermore, this triangular shape lets you sit on the edge of the table without your legs getting the way: clever! The Mingle LARGE (L 68 cm) trestles are sold in sets of two.
The matching top (160 x 90 cm) is sold separately.
Dimensions:L 68 x W 37 cm x H 71 cm