Mirobolite Floor lamp – H 160 cm by Tsé-Tsé Metal


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Tsé-Tsé Floor lamp Metal Metal.
Dimensions: Shade : Ø 19,5 cm – Height : H 160 cm (H min.
120 cm / H max.
200 cm).
Tsé Tsé always share with us their very inspired and personal creations from their journeys around the world.
Most unusual, this Mirobolite lamp is an original reinterpretation of an Indian lamp that can be found in light studios or offices in India.
After a chance meeting, dressed in new colours, it has started to travel around the world.
Ingenious and very practical this lamp comes on wheels and has a long articulated arm, these light up any spacious area or workplace.
Fun and cheerful with many colours it creates a joyful atmosphere.
Sometimes, if it is invited, it can be installed in less austere places (living rooms, dining rooms bedrooms, kitchens)…
Dimensions:Shade : Ø 19,5 cm – Height : H 160 cm (H min.
120 cm / H max.
200 cm)