Moka Italian espresso maker – 3 cups by A di Alessi Metal


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A di Alessi Italian espresso maker Metal Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 9,6 cm x H 16,4 cm.
“Alberto Alessi, about “”Moka””: “”This project is a tribute to my maternal grandfather Alfonso Bialetti who, in the ’30s of the 20th century, was the inventor, designer and first manufacturer of the Moka Express, the popular Italian espresso coffee maker.
Octagonal in shape, inspired by Futurism and Art Deco, and produced in die cast aluminium, the “Moka” is an archetype in its category, earning my grandfather eternal fame as a designer, even though he probably wasn’t looking.”””
Dimensions:Ø 9,6 cm x H 16,4 cm