Mooon! Wireless lamp – H 63 cm – Bluetooth by Fermob Red


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Fermob Smartlamp Red Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 25 x H 63 cm – Charging stand cable: L 150 cm.
Following on from the success of their Balad lamp, Fermob and designer Tristan Lohner have created the cordless Mooon lamp.
Inspired by public street lamps from the 19th century, its form is understated and modern, spiced up with a joyous, fun twist thanks to its range of deep, vivid colours.
With its large size (H 63 cm), it can be placed on the ground or on a piece of furniture.
Light and suitable for outdoor use, it’s a real portable lamp you can move around as you like, from the house to the garden, from the dining table to the bedside table… The translucent white polyethylene lampshade appears as a bright star perched on its delicate tinted aluminium structure.
A strong and obvious presence for this adorable lamp which will quickly become the perfect partner for all moments! This cordless lamp offers up to 12 hours’ battery life (with 4 hours’ charge).
It charges very simply by placing it on its charging stand, included (IPXO charging stand equipped with a cable to plug into the mains).
Not only can you choose the brightness (2 levels) but also the temperature of the light (warm white or cool white).
These two temperatures create two different lighting moods: warm white (yellow shade) for warm lighting or cool white (blue shade) which renders the surrounding colours more accurately.
The light can be controlled in 2 different ways: with the touch dimmer located under the sphere, or remotely via Bluetooth using a free Fermob lighting app.
This app lets you vary the brightness and temperature of the light, create and select moods and control 1 or more lamps: an infinite number of lighting scenarios.
Dimensions:Ø 25 x H 63 cm – Charging stand cable: L 150 cm