Morris – Zénith Scented candle – Fig tree – Brass lid by ENOstudio Multicoloured


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ENOstudio Scented candle Multicoloured Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 8 x H 15 cm.
Very elegant, this scented candle is inspired by the legendary Morris columns, the famous display supports that have contributed to the identity of Parisian streets since the 19th century.
The glass jar is capped off with a refined golden brass lid that resembles the dome-shaped silhouette of the Morris columns.
The cylindrical base becomes an illustrative support.
Like an accumulation of placarded posters, it displays graphic, colourful shapes evoking 3 times of the day: dawn (Pear scent), noon (Fig scent) and dusk (Amber scent).
Once the candle is completely used up, the small box can hold your jewellery, office accessories…
Dimensions:Ø 8 x H 15 cm