Multi-Lite Large Pendant – Ø 36 cm – Modular & orientable 1972 reissue by Gubi Blue


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Gubi Pendant Blue Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 36 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 11.5 x H 5.7 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max..
With its superimposed simple and architectural forms, Multi-Lite is typical of the lights created during the golden age of Danish design.
Vintage and refined, this metal pendant is a reissue of the model designed in 1972 by Louis Weisdorf, a Danish designer and architect.
Multi-Lite is endowed with remarkable functionality.
Framed by a ring, the mobile lampshade changes shape and allows for a multitude of different lighting options.
The central section of the lampshade is fixed: it consists of two nested cylinders that contain the light source.
Around the cylinders, the outer cupola consists of two half-spheres which pivot vertically.
These two mobile sections can be moved independently of one another to obtain a multitude of configurations.
In this way, you can direct the light downward (direct lighting) or upward (indirect lighting), or even create a beautiful asymmetrical light effect.
Dimensions:Ø 36 cm – Ceiling rose: Ø 11.5 x H 5.7 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max.