N°8 Wall light – Adjustable arm – L 42,5 cm by Marset Black


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Marset Wall light Black Textile.
Dimensions: Ø 6,5 cm – Arm : L 42,5 cm max.
– Base : Ø 11,5 x D 3,3 cm.
A sensual lamp that seduces the senses of sight and touch.
The N°8 reading lamp fulfils all the necessary criteria for perfect operation: efficient light, easy handling, durability, and beauty.
It was designed specifically to respond to each of these requirements, resulting in a well-rounded fixture that fulfils its mission perfectly.
The wooden sphere of the N° 8 s lampshade is handcrafted to make each lamp unique.
Its smooth texture has the quality and feel of a billiard ball, while its flexible arm, covered in braided fabric, is a mainstay that improves its look without sacrificing its efficacy.
The N°8 was designed to be placed at the head of a bed and add comfort to the bedroom, a place dedicated to restfulness, where a good book is always healthier than a sleeping pill.
Dimensions:Ø 6,5 cm – Arm : L 42,5 cm max.
– Base : Ø 11,5 x D 3,3 cm